My indicator of serving my purpose is through leading my fellow empaths, intuitive and highly sensitive people feeling lighter, more focused, shedding light on new perspectives, having them walk away feeling more empowered and better about themselves.

We all have amazing gifts to offer the world whether it be on the smallest of scales to the largest. My job is to extract your amazingness from where you've been hiding it, or helping take it to a new level that you didn't even know was possible and to thrive with it.

The more we join together and rise up, the more we create ripple effects throughout our families, our communities, and in some way the whole world. Alone we can do a lot, together we can make magic happen.

I love making magic happen, who’s with me?



Our lives, bodies, and experiences are beautifully unique; a healing program that you invest in should serve your unique intention. Laura's customized sessions are nurturing, nonjudgmental, encouraging, supportive, and empowering. Sessions are done via phone.

In this FREE session, you and Laura will pinpoint your intention and create action step(s) to further you along your journey through intuitive coaching. In this session you will dive right into what it will be like to work together. You may receive all you need from this session or decide to work together further. Session lasts up to 60 minutes.

My time working with Laura has been beautifully transformational. I’ve attended her yoga classes, reiki practice and workshops for several years. More recently, I began coaching sessions with Laura. I was tangled up emotionally and creatively, and her coaching has brought me back to my path. As a teacher, her approach is nurturing and calm, guiding with strength and wisdom to explore your own intuition and gifts. Laura’s coaching has helped me to tune into my intuitive abilities, find my confidence, and hone in on my purpose as a creative and as an empath. She is a true light in this world, and working with her has me believing in magic.
— Marcy Mahoney, Writer