Healers First Project

In January I launched my first People First Project. It was a project to give back and to share the skills I have acquired to provide those interested in some powerful coaching conversations. 

I’m becoming quite passionate about holding space for the highly sensitive and empathic individuals who hold so much space for others and to empower them to call their power back in, create a more balanced lifestyle, experience increased health, and find more alignment with the work and relationships surrounding them. 

The work I've been doing with others since January has led me to launch my most potent and transformative project to date: The Healers First Project. For the month of June, I will be gifting 30 transformative conversations to 30 success seekers and sensitive souls who are looking to thrive. I’m looking for the dreamers, the hopefuls, the change makers, and those that are tired of playing small and ready to elevate their life through feeling encouraged and supported. If this calls to you, keep reading. 

So what is a healer? 

My definition of a healer is anyone who holds space for others to experience their inner brilliance.  Healers could include yoga teachers, energy healers, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, caretakers, parents, artists, writers, etc. Frequently healers don’t call themselves that because they don’t have any official training but do healing work on a natural level that is part of their nature. They are the ones who are easy to talk to, and you feel better just being around them. They are the ones dedicating their life to animals or preserving nature. They are the caretakers of loved ones. 

If you feel called to help others, animals, or the environment you are probably a healer. If you identify with being a sensitive person to other people’s emotions, you may unknowingly be absorbing their energy like a sponge leaving you feeling overwhelmed and ill. You put everyone else’s needs before your own and only take care of yourself with what may be left over of your energy. 

I believe that the natural born healers are the ones that are needed to bring more balance to our masculine driven world. We are the ones who’s sensitivities bring depth, compassion, deeper understanding, and intuition to those that are driven and love to get the job done. Both aspects are needed, and the sensitive souls have forgotten they hold just as much power by being their natural sensitive selves. 

Every experience, job, situation, and relationship has shown and taught me more about myself than I could have ever figured out on my own. I know how it feels to be knocked down mentally, physically, and emotionally for being sensitive despite the tough exterior I can sometimes portray. 

It’s time though to find the balance. To be assertive, stand in our power AND to have our sensitive sides heard. We can only get to this place by doing our own internal excavation. It's being willing to dig just a little bit deeper into the inner workings of our hearts and minds. We need to nurture ourselves first and foremost before we can entirely give to others. There is a balance, and together we find that for you because you know what you need and what’s best for you. And my job is to reflect back what I see, use tools and techniques to help you identify more fully what helps you feel safest to thrive. 

Each of these 30 conversations is a gift of my service and an invitation to an experience of waking up your conviction for the natural healing abilities you possess and are ready to find more freedom around through in-depth coaching. 

Are you ready to make more magic happen in 2018?

What to expect:

1. There are 30 spots. This experience is first come, first serve. There are no reschedules.
2. The project runs from June 5th - June 30th, 2018
3. Each conversation is 60 minutes and is recorded. You can re-listen to your coaching conversation indefinitely.
4. When working on goals and challenges I’ve seen it all - excitement, conviction, frustration, anger, resentment and more. Every emotion is welcome because tucked inside is a more in-depth truth you’ve never accessed. We will leave room to access it. 
6. You will come out of this call with ONE specific action step to take and endless potential for more clarity about why these goals are important to you, what’s been holding you back, honesty with yourself, owning your power in your current situation, and the list can go on. Let’s not put limitations on what is possible whether it be planting a new seed for growth this year or experiencing breakthroughs you’ve been ready for. Trust you will receive exactly what you need to with where you are right now.

How to Be Part of the Healers First Project:

1. Click this link, select your Day & Time.
2. Fill in the short questionnaire I send you before our scheduled call.
3. Show up! There will be no re-schedules.

In addition to these 30 conversations, I will be looking for and inviting six people for a 90-day transformative coaching experience. I’m looking for people whose purpose and energy I feel drawn to and inspired by, people who I know will do the work, and people who are ready to spark radical possibility in the world. Together we will discover and help you take right action in your life to get you where you want to go. This is optional, and I will only share more information about it after our initial call if you are interested in more details. 

Keep Shining,