My First Tip Towards More Self-Love

This month I’m focusing on sharing information and tips on how to cultivate more self-love. After wrapping up my People First Project in January, a strong awareness that came through was not feeling worthy enough or trusting of the desires we have for our life. One of the biggest ways we can cultivate more worthiness for our dreams is to practice more self-love. 

Self-love is the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. Being a sensitive person, I tend to be attracted to and often a magnet for other sensitive souls. The common thread I notice between all the sensitives I know is that the majority of the time we are putting everyone else’s needs before our own. 

We feel all the feels of everyone and everything around us, and because of that, we experience a duty to help relieve pain and suffering especially those that are closest to us. We tend to take on this energy as if it is our own and sacrificing our own needs in the process. Heck, most of the time we aren’t even sure we know what our needs even are because we have been so conditioned to value what other’s need over what we need. 

It’s a beautiful gift we’ve been given to feel so deeply and to have this desire to serve others in such a deep and profound way, but at what cost? We live in a society where taking care of our own needs or setting boundaries can often be seen as selfish, uncaring, or arrogant. For some, this may be true. For the sensitives of the world it’s hindering our ability to serve more on this level because we often experience burnout, physical exhaustion, chronic pain and illness. 

Being highly sensitive has been viewed by society as weak and yet what the world needs more of are the sensitive one’s who can help transform so much of the pain we see around us. One of my passion’s has become to show other highly sensitive souls empowering ways to take care of ourselves so that we may continue helping and serving others in the unique ways we’ve each been gifted. 

The first step in this process is observation. Before we can start making changes we need to know and have a basic understanding of who we are, what does and doesn’t work for us, how we feel in any given moment, and how we can set healthy boundaries that allow us to thrive in our healing and serving abilities that don’t lead to being exhausted at the end of each work week, or what may have compounded over time into chronic pain or health challenges. 

You may be a highly sensitive person if you relate to the below statements:

*You are extremely perceptive.

*You hear “don’t take things so personally” from others.

*Making decisions can induce stress for fear of making the ‘wrong’ decision’.

*You get easily overwhelmed by loud noises, bright lights, strong smells, or fabric that feels uncomfortable.

*Being in crowds or large groups of people can be overstimulating. 

*You become very overwhelmed when you have a huge to do list to do in a short amount of time.

*You are affected by violent movies, the news, or negative social media.

*You crave silence and your alone time and need it to refuel before dealing with the world again.

*You have a rich and complex inner life, you live a lot in your head.

These are just a few ways to help you understand if you may be a highly sensitive person. Once I began to realize that these traits were not a negative thing but a key to start unlocking the deeper truth of who I am and how I need to operate in my life in order to set myself up for success, I became more understanding and self-loving. Actions to take care of my needs became easier to make and filling myself up was no longer seen as a selfish act but a necessary one to be my brightest and most serving self. 

I invite you into the first step of self-love: Observation. Begin to notice how you move through the world, what fills you up, what drains you? What does your inner dialog sound like? Notice how you feel throughout each day without judgment. Notice all the feelings you may be feeling in any given moment. 

My favorite way to start with observation is to set your alarm several times throughout the day. When your alarm goes off take one minute to check in with yourself and notice what you are feeling in that moment. Don’t try to change anything or resist it, but observe how you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. List it out in your mind and then move on with your day.

That’s it! That’s the start of deepening your self-love practice. This simple awareness begins to bring so much change to our life because we’ll start to notice patterns and become curious why we may be feeling a certain way. Our action step we can take towards deeper self love is carving out a minute here and there to check in with ourselves and to allow things to unfold from this place of self-awareness.

Keep Shining,


Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.png

What is your Bow & Arrow?

As we begin a new year I reflect on the below picture taken of me this past summer. It was taken in France at a Chateau built in the 12th century and the group of us were shooting sparkling arrows into a moat. I’ve loved this picture ever since I saw it and now I feel it sums up what 2017 was for me and the symbolism I see behind it as we head into 2018.

The Arrow: The sparkling arrow represents my purpose, my fire, my passion for deep connections and being of service through mental, emotional, and spiritual support with life coaching and energy healing.  It’s what I want more of in my life and I feel in such alignment by being a support system and intuitive guide to those who are ready to elevate areas of their life. 

If you had in front of you a sparkling arrow that represented your purpose and passion in life, what would it be?

The Bow: The bow itself is the equipment. It’s all the education, wisdom, experiences, intuition, support team, and all of the other tools I’ve learned and collected over my lifetime. The bow is what helps launch my fire and purpose into the world. It gives the arrow the confidence, courage, and strength to be launched forward with energy, focus, and drive behind it. 

What are all of the tools you have that help guide your arrow?

Drawing the Bow: Drawing back the bow is in my hands. I have control over which direction I want to send my thoughts, teachings, feelings, and service. It’s my piece in the creation of my life. My personal power comes from owning this part of the process.

In what ways can you actively create the direction you want to send your purpose and passion?

The Magic: I love that I’m wearing my Harry Potter Ravenclaw sweater as I’ve identified most with eccentric Professor Trelawney, who’s intuitive and knowledgable. She’s a little quirky, but she’s powerful with her visions and heart. The part we don’t have control over is the magic of the universe and how it will unfold the direction we choose to start aiming our arrows. The magic is where we have done all that we can do, we’ve put ourselves and our passions out there, and we wait to find out the feedback. If the feedback isn’t to our liking, we go back and shoot another arrow. Maybe our stance could have been tweaked, or maybe a different bow is needed. Perhaps the feeling you possessed in that direction wasn’t as strong as sending it in another direction. The magic is always reflecting back at us when we’ve hit the bullseye and when we need to make a few adjustments  to make sure we are on the target. 

This has been 2017 for me. Understanding and owning more of my empathic, intuitive, highly sensitive side of myself and all the ways it can serve and support others. It’s been about further lighting passions for service and raising consciousness to new levels. It’s been pulling that arrow back and having to track back through some uncomfortable feelings and stories in life that are no longer supporting me with where I want to go and feeling them fully so that I can release them in a big way. It’s recalibrating myself, my bow, and my arrow so that they can come more fully into alignment to hit the bullseye or at least come pretty close to it. 

And I feel 2018 is where I begin to shoot more of those arrows out into my newsletters, conversations, teachings, reiki sessions, and sharing my healing energy with more awakened souls. 

As we launch into a new year, in what directions are you wanting to send your passion? 

Where do you want your arrows to go? 

What tools have you collected to help send your brilliance out into your sphere of influence? 

How may you be holding yourself back from letting that arrow go and trusting it will land exactly where it’s meant to land?

I’m stoked to see what unfolds for you this year and would be honored to be a part of it’s unfolding. 

Shine Brightly,



2017 Reflection on Rebellion

As we head into the end of the year I can’t help but reflect back on 2017 and see what unfolded. I remember so clearly the start of the year. I was bound and determined to do things differently. I was ready to learn lessons and move forward with a vision I’ve been holding for myself for a long time. 

In January I realized I wanted my theme for the year to be rebellion. I can’t say I’ve ever really identified with what I view as a rebel, but I wanted to try it on. Now keep in mind my version of rebellion for myself was to follow my intuition more. Sadly, following our intuition does seem to be a form a rebellion from what I’ve seen. How can we trust this unseen force that lives within us? Even though we may have story after story of the times things went well when we did listen to it, it’s still tough to always listen to it. 

So 2017 started out with me taking a leap and signing up for a free 30 minute coaching call with a coach that was a teacher in the Integrative Wellness Academy training I took for my coaching certification. I had a hunch that I would really connect with her and that maybe someone would see what I’m capable of and hold that space for me to step into it. I had been feeling that going to the level I wanted to go to would require more support and to seek out guidance from those that are where I want to be. That 30 minute call was amazing and I wanted to keep working with her in some way, shape or form. 

My next rebellious act was signing up for a three day retreat she offered for soul based entrepreneurs in Portland, OR. The cost was more than I had spent before on a three day retreat but I felt called and wanted to see where it could lead me. That retreat cracked me open to whole new possibilities. I realized how small I’ve been keeping myself and that I am built for the big vision I have for myself and others. 

This led to so many personal breakthroughs and realizations about a consistent theme of patterns that had shown up throughout my life. I felt ready to break those patterns and feel I have made leaps and bounds in transforming these old stories. 

I continued to listen to my intuition that was backed up by a numerous amount of signs. I took a huge leap and left my job in post production in September and am in the process of seeing how this next adventure will unfold. 

The next rebellious act was to sign up for a year long training with this same coach and I’ve already been floored and blown away by the information and experiences I’m receiving. I literally have been feeling myself change from the inside out. 

I have no idea what is going to unfold from this process. I have hopes and dreams but I also want to stay open to what the universe wants to surprise me with. I’m feeling more focused and clear on my purpose. This year though has been one of deep inner reflection. I felt I have been turning inward so much more than I usually do. I’ve needed to dig deeper than before and I have a feeling I’m only at the beginning of this magical journey that is unfolding. Has it been an easy year? Not necessarily. Is this work fun? Not always. Is doing this work worth it? I believe it is. 

My rebellion theme this year took me in a direction I wasn’t fully expecting. I had a hunch some big changes were going to happen though. 

As you reflect on this past year what themes come to mind? In what areas did you follow your intuition and it went well? In what areas did you not listen to your intuition and it did not go as you had hoped? What would rebellion in your life look like?