Leaps of Faith

I’m currently in a yearlong program called Awaken Your Life. It doubles as a 200 hour certification and an intensive program designed around walking our own path more fully so that we may develop skills to be able to guide others on their unique transformational path. 

Last November, before the program officially started, during the first introductory group call, we were asked what our superpower was. I stumbled for an answer but what I determined that I’m really good at is taking leaps of faith. My life pattern has been that I have to make a decision first, step way outside my comfort zone, take the leap and trust that a net will appear or that I’ll fly. I’ve always been provided for and surprised at what shows up in those moments of the complete unknown. Despite the fact that I always have some sort of plan in place, rarely does it ever play out the exact way I had hoped it would. In some ways it turns out way better. In other ways it’s super challenging yet that’s where the most awareness and growth occurs for me. 

Is there an area of your life where you are being called to take action?

Is a leap of faith calling to you? 

I find that in the mystery of the unknown faith and trust have become my best friends. I have to cling to them as if they are my anchor when everything else may feel completely unstable. It’s a time of life being in a watery element where nothing has quite formed yet but you trust it will. It requires having trust in yourself and your intuition. Your intuition is your guide. Every nudge and feeling is feedback for you to listen to closely. It takes slowing down in this stage to listen and to take action. 

Faith is required as well. Faith in something larger than yourself whether that be the vision you have for your life or in God/Spirit/Universe. Every decision you make and every intuitive guidance you receive is taking you through a recalibration period. It’s constant feedback on what is working and what isn’t. When you begin to find your flow in this process things begin to unfold effortlessly. When we force our way we experience resistance and are overwhelmed. Slowing down is the key and will guide you to the next step. 

Deciding to participate in this Awaken Your Life program was another leap that I chose to take. The investment point was much higher than I had invested in the past and yet I felt this huge calling would be a pivotal point on my journey. It is proving to be just that and so much more. Trusting the process has been eye opening and the faith involved in those challenging times are bringing so much more peace and fulfillment. This journey of awakening my life is proving to open my eyes to whole new levels of what is possible and what we are capable of when we believe, trust, leap, and fly. If we don’t fly right away, that’s okay, a net always appears for us. 

Leaps of faith don’t have to look like big investments though. They can also show up by saying no, setting a boundary, quitting a job, leaving a relationship, or saying yes to yourself to just name a few. 

Is the mystery of the unknown calling to you? If so, what action step do you need to take and what support system can you put in place while you navigate through the water until the form has taken place in the next phase of your journey?

Sending you so much light especially if you have been feeling the call to a leap of faith. 

Keep Shining,


vibes (1).png

Do You Believe In Magic?

I love magic, the experience of something appearing, disappearing, changing or transforming right in front of me. The art of magic doesn’t always look like a magic show though. It can also be showing up in our daily life on a small or large scale. 

Recently I was inviting in more magical elements into my life as a playful way to explore different levels of connection. I began by thinking of an animal that I’d love to call in to cross my path. I decided on a deer so I visualized what a deer looked like, I connected with it’s energy, and I asked it to cross my path. The next phase of this is to completely detach to the vision of this happening. 

A week passed by and I had completely forgotten that I had visualized the deer.

Then one day I woke up and realized it was 70 degrees outside, in Missouri, in February. Seize the day and get outside called to me. Lately I have been listening to my intuition nudging me in different directions. This particular day I felt called to the nearby lake to a favorite walking path. I had started down one particular path but at a certain point felt called to turn around and walk down a different one. So I listened. 

Starting down this second path I noticed to the left, shortly in front of me some movement. Low and behold a deer starting walking down the hill. And then I saw another one behind it, and then another, and another until I counted 8 deer crossing my path. No more than 15 feet in front of me did several of them stop and look at me as if they recognized me. As I slowly kept walking towards them no one seemed to care or get spooked. It was unbelievable. 

I was blown away. Tears in my eyes, my whole being was vibrating and connecting to something much bigger than me. My heart swelled up and expanded with this knowing that I was being communicated with and supported. It was a reminder to be amazed at what can happen when we visualize from a heart-centered place, follow our intuition, and trust the process. To be the only one around, to have had perfect timing, to have called in one deer but 8 decided to show up (my lucky number too!) felt like a purely magical moment. How much more amazing and enchanting could life be if we detach from how we think our desires should show up in our life?

To some this could of been a coincidence, but isn’t it so much more fun to believe in magic?

How many magical moments are we missing in life because we are attached to a specific outcome? How can we trust our intuition in the face of difficult moments and decisions? Even if it’s not what we think we want, we know it’s what’s best and being open to the magic that wants to unfold afterwards.

In what ways can you take an action step towards following the little nudges your intuition is speaking to you?

Keep Shining,


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How Is Your Environment Affecting You?

I decided to visit my parents this past weekend and admired the beautiful flowers my mom received from dad. I loved the vibrant colors, the variety, and the amazing smell.

The flowers reminded me of the environments in which we grow. A seed requires a nurturing environment with the right nutrient based soil, amount of water and sunlight to create a supportive space for the seed to develop. Reflecting on this reminded me of the quote:

“When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” - Alexander den Heijer

I feel our environment to bloom is such an important message. When we find ourselves not thriving with our health, relationships, career, etc. are we taking a look at all of the elements of our circumstances? This can include our home life, our habits, our relationships with others, and most importantly our relationship with ourselves. 

Are you in a climate that is conducive to you thriving? Or are there elements that no longer align to shine the way you’d like?

For example, if you aren’t thriving at optimal health can you see what kind of environment surrounds you? Starting with the basics are you getting enough rest, water, exercise, and eating nutritious foods to nurture your body? 

Once you’ve identified the physical environment what is the mental environment you’ve created? When your body reacts in a way that doesn’t please you with a physical ailment or unwelcome extra weight do you berate yourself for not feeling or looking better? Or do you lovingly check in with yourself with compassionate words that you’ve been doing the best you can and you’ll commit to listening to what your body needs to feel nurtured? 

Now, what does your relationship environment look like? Are you surrounded by loved ones who encourage, uplift, and support you? These are just a few ways to start to identify the environment which surrounds you with the goals you have and might not be experiencing right now. 

I encourage you to reflect on your environment and become aware of how it fills you up and supports in you blooming into your brightest self. If you notice something out of alignment observe what changes, big or small, feels like the most appropriate step to empower yourself in creating the supportive environment for your continued blossoming. 

Keep Blooming,